Infracyte Lusciouslips | best lip plumper gloss, doctors' recommended lip care products

Infracyte Lusciouslips | Medical grade lip care product recommended by doctors' worldwide

Infracyte Luscious Lips isn’t just a lip gloss – it’s an anti-aging lip treatment for healthier, fuller and younger lips!


It can be used it on its own, or as a home-care product to enhance and extend the results of a lip augmentation procedure!

With our US formulated proprietary Nano-Peptide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, organic moisturizing oils and antioxidants, not only does LusciousLips bring instant hydration and conditioning to the lips, it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to restore fullness and firmness to the lips for the perfect combination of both instant long-term benefits!


In our clinical satisfaction test conducted among 100 women worldwide.

Up to 96% of patients reported improved and healthier lips on the first use. 

80% of the group found they had fewer fine lines around the lips.

As for long term results, 99.9% reported improved lip condition and 81% felt that their lips were fuller, achieving a no needle lip filler effect.



A little story about us, INFRACYTE- where science meets beauty.

Founded in 1999, Fraser Research Labs INC was started by top scientists from the fields of cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, biophysics and medicine, as well as qualified doctors and dermatologists.

INFRACYTE was first released in 1999. Targeted towards dermatologists and medical aesthetic doctors to address skin concerns by formulating products with scientifically-backed ingredients to deliver results.

Lusciouslips has been our award winning product for many years, that served its purpose for doctors and practitioners, where it became their recommended premium product for those who needed medical-grade lip care and lip treatment.