Infracyte Lusciouslips reviews - Anti aging Lip gloss

Five Reasons to Love LusciousLips: The Perks According to a Skincare Professional

By Jenny Leazer-Ragolia, Licensed Esthetician


As a licensed beauty professional who is well-versed and well-immersed in the world of cosmetic products, I find that one of the hardest to come by items is lip products that perform.

Our lips are one of the first areas to begin to show signs of distress in the form of dryness, chapping, and fine lines, yet also one of the most difficult to treat and troubleshoot. Due to thin skin, a lack of naturally-occuring moisture, loss of collagen, and other inevitable aging, most of us will experience a less plumpness, softness, and smooth texture in the lips over time.


Though cosmetic injectables and fillers can do a lot to minimize these common concerns, a product I am loving for daily support–with or without these procedures–is the new LusciousLips lineup from Infracyte.


What makes LusciousLips a standout product in my opinion? Behold some of my favorite benefits:


Benefit #1: Ingredients beyond the basics

An admitted ingredient-aficionado, the first thing I like to do when evaluating a product is scan through the key components listed in the product formula. With LusciousLips, I was immediately encouraged to see an ingredient deck that goes beyond just beeswax and other simple occlusives. These lip glosses feature some of the best anti-aging essentials, including marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, Vitamins C and E, plus an impressive plethora of botanical oils like avocado, apricot, and grapeseed.


Benefit #2: Applies like a lip color, treats like a professional product

Another noteworthy perk of LusciousLips is that there is real science to back up the skin care aspect of their formulas. Unlike any lipstick, balm, or gloss I’ve picked in recent years, Infracyte actually has clinically-proven results to back up the efficacy of their product–from better conditioning, to more lip fullness, and even fewer fine lines. In other words, when using the product daily, I knew I was experiencing an advanced treatment rather than just a layer of superficial lip color.


Benefit #3: Long-lasting color wear and repair

Of course, for any lip product, color payoff is still very important. I really appreciate that despite being a medical grade product, LusciousLips’ color range provides a great variety of beautiful shades to choose from. However, unlike many traditional lipsticks, they don’t require added hydration or extra layers of product to keep my lips from drying out or cracking. I was able to enjoy the soothing and cooling feel of the product for hours, and the formula even held up while wearing a face covering.


Benefit #4: Multifaceted & multitasking application

A little bit of background regarding LusciousLips is that it started out as a purely professional product used by doctors and lip injectors to promote recovery following a procedure. However, it has quickly become apparent that these formulas are much more versatile. They can be used as an overnight lip mask, as a makeup primer, or as makeup itself. I find that these glosses are perfectly textured and pigmented to replace other lip color products in my daily makeup routine, or it can be easily layered over lipstick for added moisture and protection. I additionally enjoy the clear formula for a more natural look, or to add sheen and shine to another color.


Benefit #5: Aftercare that goes there

Although LusciousLips can be used as a standalone plumping product, I think it would also be a perfect choice following any kind of injectables or lip augmentation procedures. Because the formula contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients, it provides a lot of additional support and soothing, which can only stand to enhance your recovery time and results. LusciousLips is a product that not only pampers, but also performs better than your average lip moisturizer.


Other Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, what makes Luscious Lips unique is that it isn’t just your ordinary lip gloss with basic moisturizing benefits. Rather, it is an advanced formula lip product with high-quality, nourishing, active ingredients and proven results. This is a product that not only enhances your lips but also provides them with a boost of youth and all the intensive care that they deserve.