experts say

Dr. Lanny Juniarti - Aesthetic Physician

Founder, President Director of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic group

“AHAA..!!! Finally I find a miraculous remedy for healthy and sexy lips without any injectable procedures. The great advantages about Luscious Lips, is not only about anti aging properties in it but also the variety of fashionable colours. It is really moisturizing, volumizing and more over make lips look younger and more attractive. Looking for healthier and sexier lips..?? Luscious Lips is the answer. “

Dr. Michihiko Kinoshita - D.M.D, Ph. D.

CEO of Aesthetic maxillofacial surgery Medical corporation IBUKI
Fukuoka, Japan

Luscious Lips can give the similar effects of lip injections to these patients without any pain. Luscious Lips can minimize the appearance of lines on lips and define lip contour as well as they give the lips the great benefits for healing, moisturizing and plumping and also the gorgeous looks. My patients love to use Luscious Lips to enhance the effects of lip injections and to obtain naturally beautiful lips. My patients can select favorite one from 12 cool shades even though normally medicinal lip products do not have many colors. I absolutely recommend you Luscious Lips.

Dr. Bojan Vucic

Medical Director, Cosmedicpoint Gratkorn
Gratkorn, Austria

“I am an experienced Anti-aging specialist and i absolutely recommend Luscious Lips. Not only am i fond of the high-end ingredients but i am also absolutely convinced by the product’s quick response and effect. Luscious Lips noticeably enhances lip injection results and prolongs those results over time by nurturing the skin. This leads to the remarkably youthful appearance of the lips.”

Dr. Kristine Azarjana MD, PhD

Dermatologist, Laserplastikas Clinic
Riga, Latvia

“Luscious Lips is a premium product for the lips with healing, hydrating and visually enhancing properties. I was very excited to discover it at medical conferences and Anti-aging congresses for Dermatologists. Such product specifically formulated for lips was missing from the market. I find the ingredient list as very convincing and therefore recommend Luscious Lips to my patients as a high quality lip care product for daily use as well as for prolonging lip injection results.”

Dr. Patricia Yuen - Dermatologist

Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics Clinic
Paragon, Singapore

"Luscious Lips is a fantastic product for plumping and moisturizing the lips. It comes in many fun colours and works well on its own, or used as an adjunct for patients who have had lip fillers. You can see a difference in the fine lines and volume of your lips after a few applications."

Bulent Cihantimur

MD, Plastic Surgeons

“I can successfully say I Dr. Bulentchihantim believe in #lusciouslips lipstick. Till this day I still love using it as it is extremely smooth and plump lips with a range of natural color #Estetikinternationalworld”

Dr. Lars Haastedt

Plastic Surgeons,

“LusciousLips enhance the look, shape and the volume of the lips of my patients. This lip plumper keep the lips hydrated and my patients achieve fuller looking lips. After lip injections LusciousLips prolongs the result.”

Dr. Anne Chappel - Anti-aging Physician

PhymbleGrove Health Centre
Sydney, Australia

"As an anti-aging specialist, I have been absolutely delighted with the Luscious Lips range. They provide an easy effective lip treatment. They quickly add volume and moisture resulting in a stunningly youthful appearance of the lips without making them look unnatural. At the same time the lipsticks provide a healing and moisturising treatment.. I heartily recommend them!"