Petal Rebel 325 - Limited Release

The night is black. The air crisp and chill. It’s not your usual wake-up time, but you drag your tired body out of bed. See, you’ve just spent the last evening putting one foot in front of the other on a trail that never seems to end. You’ve taken a few breaks along the way to catch your breath, grab a quick bite, or to take a short rest. But as you look out into the darkness, you know there will be no more breaks. The goal is just up ahead.

So you push on ahead.

The night feels like it could go on forever with no end in sight. Every step feels the same as the last, feels like nothing will change. The goal feels no closer than it was an hour ago. Doubt begins to creep into your mind as your mind and body complain. Complain about the lack of rest. Complain about the steps. Complain about the air and the lack of oxygen. Complain about how it’s too difficult.

But you push on ahead.

Slowly, you see it. The top is in sight. The summit is just there in front of you. What felt endlessly far away and unreachable now looks like it’s within your grasp. A few more steps and you’ll be there. You keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, and waiting for you at the summit of Mount Fuji is the most pristine, most beautiful view you’ve seen in your life. A light begins to appear on the horizon and you realize that this is what you’ve been waiting for. This is why you fought against the terrain. This is why you fought against your body. The pain that you felt in the climb disappears as the sunrise washes over your body.

This isn’t a climb to forget. It was a climb to remember.

With that in mind, INFRACYTE is releasing a limited edition of our Luscious Lips packaging. Without a doubt, 2020 has been challenging. But in the words of Thomas Fuller, “The night is darkest before dawn.” And so, like those who climb Mount Fuji to watch sunrise, this will not be a year that we should forget. Instead, it is a year that we will remember as we climb through the night to see the sun rising in the future that awaits us.